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Interviews and lectures with Prof. Hobe

Myth Gagarin - Why do humans fly into space?

Michael Köhler leads the discussion with
Prof. Dr. Lisa Gotto, media scientist, University of Vienna
Prof. Dr. Stephan Hobe, Director of the Institute for Space Law, University of Cologne
Dr. Matthias Schwartz, Center for Literary and Cultural Research, Berlin

McGill IASL - IAASS Space Law Webinar with Professor Hobe

The McGill IASL- IAASS Space Law Webinar-The Quest for a Legal Frontier between Airspace and Outer Space with Professor Hobe is online on YoutTube.

Space Cafè with Prof. Hobe: The Future Design of The Legal Order for Space Activities

On 8 Dec. 2020 Prof. Stephan Hobe gave his "33 Minutes Space Cafè WebTalk" in which he analysed the current issues in the regulation of space activities. You can find the Video here.

Prof. Stephan Hobe on the future use of resources in space, interviewed in the 3Sat Nano broadcast from 22 January 2021

The Video is available here.