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The Proteus Project

PROTEUS is a project to improve the quality of teaching. The aim of the course is the acquisition of an additional qualification in law and politics of the EU system and the testing of new forms of teaching and learning by the students.

Over the course of several semesters, students complete various courses from the law and politics lecture programme. The highlight is a combined seminar of both subjects: a negotiation simulation in English. The additional qualification is evidenced by a graded Europe certificate issued by Jean Monnet Professors Stephan Hobe (Law) and Wolfgang Wessels (Political Science) after successful completion of the respective certificates of achievement. This is intended to promote the students' European skills, their teamwork and communication skills as well as the practical aspect of their studies.

In view of later applications (College of Europe Bruges/Natolin; Federal Foreign Office, European Institutions) and a career choice within the framework of European and international organisations, interesting perspectives arise.

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