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Textbook European Law 10th edition 2020

The textbook conveys the basic knowledge of the law of the European Union and enables a quick repetition of the essential learning material in preparation for the First  Exam. The authors provide a concentrated overview of the various regulatory matters, with one of the focal points being the EU internal market and the fundamental freedoms due to their outstanding relevance to the examinations. Comprehensive references to case law, exercises and diagrams make it easier to work on European law cases and to understand the basics of the European Union.

The new edition furthermore addresses the consequences of the ongoing financial and sovereign debt crisis and already considers the measures taken to combat the Corona pandemic. Moreover, it addresses the challenges posed by the continuing migration movements as well as the United Kingdom's exit from the EU ("Brexit").  It deals in greater depth and in separate chapters with EU values and fundamental EU rights due to their growing political and legal significance. The textbook thus equips its readers for debates and examinations of European law.