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The Association

In 2009, some former staff members of the Institute of Air and Space Law took the initiative to found the Association of Friends and Sponsors of the Institute of Air and Space Law. The of the Association is to maintain and deepen the excellent network consisting of former staff members and experts associated with the Institute. This includes continuing to support the Institute in its research activities and further expanding this support during their professional careers. For this reason, the association was constituted in 2010 with a board consisting of Professor Dr Stephan Hobe, Dr Cornelius Frie, Dr Christian Giesecke, Dr Kristina Moll-Osthoff and Dr Bernhard Steinmetz. The association is based at the Institute of Air and Space Law.

The Aims of the Association

The association is dedicated to the following goals:

  • Promotion of research at the ILWR

The research work carried out at the Institute has generated considerable gains in knowledge in many fields of aeronautics and astronautics. Such research is, however, only possible with sufficient personnel and material. Since this can no longer be compensated for in part by university funds, the association would like to support the institute in this context.

  • Networking

The ILWR brings together a multitude of contacts from both academia and industry.

Staff trained at the Institute often move on to professional positions in the field of aeronautics and astronautics.

The association promotes and aims to intensify the existing and newly established, professional and personal, contacts at the Institute.