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Cologne Compendium of Aviation Law Volumes I-III

The Cologne Compendium of Aviation Law is the first comprehensive handbook-like presentation of aviation law applicable in Germany and - in the form of short digressions - in Austria and Switzerland.

The work provides both, a detailed description of the applicable legislation as well as current case law, and provides information on court and administrative practices.

The main German, European and international regulation is commented on. The rest of the contributions are structured like a handbook. Thus, the work combines the practical benefit of a handbook with the scientific depth of a commentary. The authors of the individual contributions are leading aviation lawyers from Germany, Austria and Switzerland and outstanding international experts. The Cologne Compendium is aimed at all practitioners active in aviation law as well as those who are confronted with a specific aviation law problem. To all those who are further interested, it offers an insight into the current state of science.

Volume 1 deals with the fundamentals of German, European and international aviation legislation in force today, including:

  • Institutional foundations of air transport
  • International organisations
  • Organisation of air traffic in Germany, Austria and Switzerland
  • Airspace and air sovereignty
  • Air traffic agreements
  • Licensing and operation of aviation equipment

Volume 2 deals with the organisation and safety of air traffic, including:

  • aircrew
  • aerodromes
  • air carriers
  • air traffic control
  • aircraft noise

Volume 3 focuses on the commercial law aspects of air transport, including:

  • carriage
  • liability
  • consumer protection
  • insurance
  • competition law
  • tax law