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Drafting the Cologne Manual

The Cologne Manual will be drafted in two phases. While the first phase displays the general discussion of questions and topics regarding STM the second will focus on establishing concrete rules.

During the process 40 international experts are divided into four working groups: Space, Air, Sustainability, and Cyber. These working groups meet online on a regular basis. During three interim conferences the results of these working groups are presented and discussed.

The working groups will be focusing on the following:

Working group “Space”: precise determination of the current legal framework pertaining space activities, research on necessary changes (registration, tracking, etc.), and identification of (realistic) potential for development.

Working group “Air“: clarification on how space traffic can be coordinated with air traffic and the rules that are applicable in air traffic, as well as exploring the possibility of transferring proven concepts and experiences from air traffic planning and surveillance to STM.

Working group “Sustainability“: relevant and applicable standards and regulations pertaining sustainability will be identified, obstacles to space sustainability will be analysed, and the topic of “Space Debris Mitigation and Remediation“ will be considered.

Working group “Cyber“: air traffic as well as space traffic is more and more influenced by the possibilities cyber space offers, the dangers posed by cyberspace (e.g., hacker attacks) and the opportunities cyberspace offers for STM (e.g., intelligent traffic management systems) will be examined, and cybersecurity will be inspected and its importance emphasised.

Throughout the project the working groups are exchanging ideas, questions, and answers.