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Whether space tourism, satellite applications or space resources utilization: human activities in space are steadily increasing on the basis of technological progress and increasing commercialization; not to mention military interests.

The new book "Space Law" by Stephan Hobe stands out through an in-depth and in the same time concise approach to all relevant legal aspects of space activities. After the basic astrophysical background of space exploration is given and the history of space travel is outlined, the legal concepts are examined in detail with reference to the most important space applications. In addition to international space law, the elements of national space legislation are described and examined. In 13 chapters, the book gives a profound overview of the past, the present and the future of space law and analyses issues of growing importance such as space transportation, space debris mitigation and remediation, space traffic management, the expansion of humanity on other space bodies as well as NewSpace and the search for extraterrestrial intelligence. In addition, the reader will find the five UN space treaties as well as the UN GA Resolutions and Principles on space law annexed.                                                                           

Numerous graphics, illustrations and short summaries for each chapter facilitate a quick orientation and make the book an ideal companion for students and doctoral students as well as for practitioners.

The book can be found in the Nomos Shop.