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Telders Moot Court Team 2022

Marta Kupfer (19) was born in Mönchengladbach and graduated from Hugo-Junkers-Gymnasium in 2020. She began studying law at the University of Cologne in the same year and is currently in her third semester.

Through her work at the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne, she discovered her passion in defending the interests of others. Marta participates in the CUSL- and in the Environmental Law Certificate-program in order to improve her legal English and to develop her knowledge of different legal systems.

For her, the Telders Moot Court offers a unique opportunity to devote herself intensively to a specific legal issue and to gain a more profound knowledge in the field of Public International Law. Furthermore, she is ambitious about improving her rhetorical skills. Marta particularly enjoys working as part of a team over a long period of time and believes that sharing different ideas and opinions is the best way to achieve excellent results.

Marta is looking forward to the challenges ahead!

Kathrin Rau (22) was born and raised in Düren where she graduated from the Stiftisches Gymnasium Düren in 2018. Her interest to get a profound understanding of our society´s rules as well as daily political decisions and processes led her to study law at the University of Cologne. Currently, she is in her 7th semester.

Since her school time, Kathrin has spent various stays abroad, including scholar exchanges to France and the US, a regional development program in China and Erasmus+ studies in Paris last semester. These foreign experiences have sparked her interest for international relations and International Law, which is why she has now started her specialisation in International and European Law. Furthermore, she participates in an extracurricular project, called Chin-KoBe, in order to acquire expertise about the People’s Republic of China.

Through her participation in the debating competition “Jugend debattiert” and in various political simulations - including the simulation of a summit of the European Council as part of the Proteus-project - she was already able to train her rhetorical skills and to learn how to obtain and defend the interests of a certain party in a persuasive manner.

Further, Kathrin has made several internships at law firms, the Cologne District Court and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research in the Department for European Relations. This allowed her to gain additional practical insights into her fields of interest and to learn about important skills needed in practice. Besides her studies, Kathrin worked as a student assistant at the Chair for Constitutional and Administrative Law and will now proceed working for a depute of the German Bundestag.

For Kathrin, the Telders Moot Court competition is great chance to deepen her knowledge in International Law, train useful soft skills and get to know interesting people from all over Europe.

Sven David Dümpelmann (21) was born in Bensberg and graduated from the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Cologne in 2017. Currently, he studies law in his 7th semester.

During his foundational studies, his fascination for Public International Law was sparked, particularly by the lecture on German Constitutional Law and its relations to Public International Law and European Union Law. For Sven, the importance of this branch of law cannot be overstated, especially regarding the increasingly complex international relations and grown perception of common global interests - be it peace, a clean environment, or economic development.

To deepen his knowledge in the field and gain more international experience, he decided to spend two ERASMUS+ exchange semesters at the University of Tartu, Estonia. There, he got a more profound overview of the field’s various facets, attending lectures such as "History and Theory of International Law", "International Criminal Law" and "International Arbitration". 

When continuing his study at the University of Cologne, he chose Public International Law and European Union Law as his area of specialisation. Following up, he completed his seminar in his specialisation studies and temporarily returned to Estonia for an internship at the Tartu German Culture Institute (DKI Tartu).

Sven believes that participating in the Moot Court is a great opportunity to sharpen his rhetorical skills and put his knowledge to the practical test. He looks forward to working with his team members, as well as getting acquainted and competing with other students from all over Europe. 

Carolin Kopp (22) was born and raised in Westerburg, where she graduated from Konrad-Adenauer Gymnasium in 2018. She is currently studying law in her 7th semester at the University of Cologne.

Ever since her social studies at school, she discovered a keen interest in International Law and international relations. This interest combined with various stays abroad, including the USA and Australia, and her enthusiasm for languages, led her to enrich her study experience by participating in the Proteus Moot Court 2020. The project intensely dealt with European Law, the practice of the European Council and the values of the EU. In addition, Carolin recently completed the CUSL program, which focuses on the American legal system.

After gaining an insight into the legal profession through her work at a major law firm in Cologne, she recently joined the Institute of Air Law, Space Law and Cyber Law at the University of Cologne as a student assistant.

Carolin views the Telders Moot Court as a great opportunity to finish her major studies in International and European Law and to improve her rhetorical skills. She is looking forward to this shared experience with her team, before she will start to prepare for her first state exam.

Telders Moot Court Team 2021

Fiona Lesaar (21) was born in Cologne and graduated from High School in 2017.

In 2014, she decided to join the project “Schüler an der Universität” and began studying law parallel to her school education. Convinced that this was the right path for her, she continued studying law at the University of Cologne after her Abitur. Today Fiona is in her 7th semester. She also participates in the CUSL program with the aim to improve her legal English and gain an understanding of different legal systems.

During internships at various law firms she discovered her passion for advocacy, always aiming to achieve the best possible outcome for her client.

Fiona first took part in a Moot Court competition in an academic summer program at the University of Cambridge. She greatly enjoyed this experience, drafting memorials and pleading before the court. Therefore, she looked forward to taking part in a Moot Court as part of her time studying at the University of Cologne.

Through her voluntary work with the Amnesty International student group Fiona regularly faces disputes and question from various fields of International Law. This, and the increasing number of problems which require international solutions, inspired her to broaden her knowledge in this particular area of law.

She believes that the Moot Court will give her a chance to improve her rhetorical skills and the practical skills essential to working as a lawyer. Fiona looks forward to working with her team members to take on the challenge.

Jana Marie Wagner (23) is studying law in her 7th semester and graduated from Städtisches Gymnasium Goch in 2015, where she attended bilingual classes. In order to learn about different ways of life and handle unforeseen situations she decided to live and work in New Zealand for about one year.

This sparked her interest in different cultures and ultimately led to her desire to work in an international environment. For her, Public International Law is one of the most significant branches of law, since it focusses on the relations between nations, which are becoming increasingly important within the course of globalization.

Languages are very fascinating to her, which is why she decided to learn French and Dutch and is now participating in legal courses in several languages.

She is ambitious about improving her rhetorical skills and aspires to become a more confident public speaker. For Jana Marie, the Moot Court offers the opportunity to slip into the role of a lawyer, apply her theoretical knowledge and gather practical experience.

Jana Marie is eagerly looking forward to acquiring in-depth knowledge of Public International Law in a competitive setting and to meeting fellow students as well as practitioners form all over the world.

Lena Kolloge (22) is currently in her 9th semester of studying law. As a participant in the German-English LL.B. programme she spent the first two years of her studies at University College London, before continuing at the University of Cologne. The inherently comparative nature of her legal studies in London and Cologne inspired her interest in International Law and its various components. She broadened her knowledge in this field not only by attending lectures on several branches of international law, but also during internships in international organisations and offices as well as law firms in different countries. Lena currently works as a research assistant at the Chair of Public Law, Public International Law and European Law at the University of Cologne.

She considers the Moot Court an excellent opportunity to engage profoundly with specific issues of Public International Law, to improve her rhetoric skills and to meet interesting people from other universities, before starting to prepare for the German state exam.

Telders Moot Court Team 2020

Das aktuelle Telders Moot Court Team 2020

v.l.n.r. Marius Kampf, Annika Owczarek, Luca Neeff und Julian Schophaus

Marius Kampf (20) was born in Mannheim and graduated from the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium, Bensberg in 2017, where he had attended an English bilingual class. He currently studies law at the University of Cologne in his 5th semester. Already during his school time Marius discovered his interest for law, which is why he decided to study the subject in 2017.

Besides his studies Marius works as a student assistant in a notary's office. In addition, as a multiple “Jugend Musiziert” prizewinner, he is musically active in many ways, inter alia as a member of the Landes-Jugendzupforchester NRW.

Being half Bulgarian, Marius has always been very fascinated by cultural exchange with other countries. The lecture on constitutional law with references to International and European law further aroused his interest in this field.

Through the Telders International Law Moot Court he aspires to expand his knowledge in the field of International Law, as well as to acquire important rhetorical skills.

Annika Owczarek (20) was born and raised in Mönchengladbach where she graduated from the Gymnasium Odenkirchen in 2018.

Her interest in law became apparent early on, so that she was able to gain initial experience in social law, family law, criminal law and traffic law already during her school time through numerous internships in various law firms in Mönchengladbach.

Since she was really impressed by the practical insights, Annika decided to participate in the project "Schülerinnen und Schüler an der Universität” about two years before her Abitur. Within the framework of this project she started a three-semester course of law studies at the University of Cologne parallel to her school education and attended lectures in Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Roman Legal History. Since Annika successfully passed the respective final exams, she was able to partly complete her law studies, even before officially becoming a law student at the University of Cologne in the winter semester 2018/19.

In addition to her general studies, she participates in the CUSL program on US American Law aspiring to broaden her horizon by obtaining new perspectives on various legal systems.  

Annika sees the Telders Moot Court as an excellent opportunity to further develop her rhetorical skills and to deepen her knowledge of International Law. She is looking forward to taking up the challenge together with her team!

Luca Neeff (20) was born in Schwelm, a town in the Ruhr area.

Different languages and countries have always excited her. Therefore she decided to continue her secondary school education in French speaking classes and obtained her french-german bilingual Abitur in 2017.

After graduating from school she decided to travel and especially the trips to New York and South Africa were very impressive to her. She then completed a three-month internship at the human resources department of the Bayer AG where she had the opportunity to work together with lawyers. This work experience contributed significantly to her decision to study law.

Since Luca intended to integrate her multilingualism into her law studies she took legal lectures in English and French, and began to passionately enjoy the courses. As a result, she realized that she definitely aspires to deal with International Law later on.

For Luca the Moot Court provides a wonderful opportunity to improve soft skills in presenting legal arguments and to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of International Law.

Julian Schophaus (20) was born in Stadthagen and graduated from the Humboldt-Gymnasium Solingen in 2017. He began studying law at the University of Cologne in the same year, completed his intermediate examination in 2019 and is now in his 5th semester.

During his time in school he participated in two student exchanges, which led him to France and the US. This experience fostered his affection regarding international relations which transferred into his high interest for European and International Law during his studies.

Besides German, English and French he also speaks Spanish and is looking forward to work with foreign languages again during the Telders Moot Court.    

His interest in Moot Courts was awakened by his participation at a German Civil Law Moot Court (BGB Moot Court) during his 2nd semester. Since then, he was looking to further strengthen his argumentative skills and participated in the PROTEUS-Program and the associated Moot Court, where he was intensely engaged in European law and the values of the EU.

He was also able to gain some experience with real civil suits during his internship at a big law firm in Cologne. In his free time, he participates in the activities of his local boxing club. 

Julian is looking forward to intensively working with his team on a case in International Law and to competing with a variety of law students from all over Europe.

Das Team mit dem Coach Jonathan Badstieber

Telders Moot Court Team 2019

Das aktuelle Telders Moot Court Team 2019

v.l.n.r. Amparo Sanz Segui, Eugen Esman, Hannah Köbberling und Jasmina Benscheidt

Amparo Sanz Segui (22) was born in Valencia, Spain. She and her family moved to Germany when she was in primary school. They settled at the French-German border in Southern Germany. It was during Amparo’s high school years that her urge to learn more about the French culture and language emerged. With the help of a regional scholarship, she had the opportunity to be part of a cultural exchange and stayed in a small town on the west coast of France for a year.

She successfully graduated with three school leaving certificates: German, French and also in her mother tongue Spanish.

The idea to study law came to the surface very soon. Amparo thus decided to pursue her law studies at the University of Cologne with the focus being on International Law and French Law.

Besides law school, she is highly interested in shaping our society by contributing to different projects like saving food, combating teenage criminality and helping young adults with legal issues.

Motivated by the benefits of comparative studies in law, and submerging in other countries’ culture and language, Amparo chose to participate in the Erasmus student exchange and spent one semester in the Italian city of Verona. Not only did she enlarge her knowledge of Italian but she also gained an insight into how Italian lawyers work and how their country’s legal system is shaped.

Amparo and her enthusiasm for foreign languages, cultures and legal systems sees the moot court as the missing piece in her academic continuity. She can’t wait to compete with the others to win whilst learning and growing on a personal and academic level as she goes through the process.

Eugen Esman (22) was born in Kiev, Ukraine. He and his family migrated to Germany when he was 6 years old and settled near the city of Cologne. Eugen successfully graduated from Geschwister-Scholl-Gymnasium, Pulheim. Before pursuing his studies of law at the University of Cologne, he attended medical school at university for two years. Today Eugen is commencing his third Semester in law.

Besides the Moot Court, his priorities lie in raising his 11-month-old son, Morten. Eugen works as a student assistant at the department for state philosophy and the politics of law at the University of Cologne. In his free time, Eugen is an active member of the student council of his faculty. He takes part in commissions and departments to support his fellow students. Likewise, he engages in real-life politics, his political party and its youth organization.

Through his elective module in the “Certificate for United States Law” program, Eugen developed his fascination for foreign legal systems and international law itself. Confronted with controversial topics and legal disputes, he decided to take on the challenge of an international Moot Court competition.

Eugen is excited to spend time with his team mates during the Telders Moot Court. Having the chance to work together with his team in a close space and high-pressure situation is both frightening and thrilling to him. He strives to advance his practical legal skills, especially persuasion in written and oral form.

Hannah Köbberling (22) was born in Frankfurt am Main where she successfully graduated from Schillerschule in July 2015. She currently studies law at the University of Cologne and is in her 7th semester.

In addition to her general studies, Hannah participates in the CUSL-Program on US-American law, which allows her to gain knowledge of a foreign legal system and to improve her language skills.

Apart from studying law, Hannah gathered work experience as a student assistant and as an intern at international law firms and at the regional court of Cologne. Thus, she has already gained an insight into the job of a lawyer, as well as of a judge - a useful tool for her participation in this year’s Telders International Law Moot Court.

Hannah sees the Telders International Law Moot Court as a unique opportunity to improve her rhetorical skills in English and broaden her knowledge of international law. She cannot wait to work along with her team members towards their common goal: to make their participation a great success.

Jasmina Benscheidt (23) studies law at the University of Cologne and is in her 8th semester.

She was born in Dortmund and graduated from Leibniz Gymnasium in 2013, after which she completed a voluntary social year in an elementary school assisting a child with special needs.

Having grown up in an environment in which social and political matters have always been of importance, Jasmina was taught values striving towards enabling a peaceful, tolerant and just society and developed an interest in practicing and applying them in a national and international context.

After volunteering in a home for asylum seekers in her hometown, Jasmina completed an internship with a lawyer for asylum law, after which she decided to commence her law studies. In Cologne, Jasmina joined the Amnesty International student group, where she is constantly confronted with cases concerning breaches of international law. During her exchange semester at the University of Amsterdam, Jasmina participated in courses from the Public International Law Master’s programme, which further strengthened her interest in this area of law and encouraged her to pursue it. Jasmina has always had great enthusiasm for the English language and immensely enjoys speaking it, which is why she participates in the CUSL-programme (US Law).

Jasmina views the Moot Court not only as a unique opportunity to further improve her rhetorical skills in English but also to practice law first-hand in a team motivated by mutual enthusiasm for international law. Jasmina looks forward to the personal and professional benefits that engaging in extracurricular activities bring.

Das Team mit ihrer Coachin Laura Hughes-Gerber

Team 2018

Ergebnis der Telders Moot Court Competition

An der diesjährigen Telders International Law Moot Court Competition haben insgesamt 23 internationale Teams teilgenommen. Das Kölner Team hat sich in der internationalen Vorrunde gegen den Gastgeber der Universität Leiden (Niederlande), die Nationale Universität Kiew-Mohyla-Akademie (Ukraine), Honourable Society of Inner Temple (England) und die Universität von Lettland (Lettland) durchgesetzt und das Finale im Friedenspalast in Den Haag erreicht.

Im hochspannenden Finale, geleitet von den Richtern James Crawford, Giorgio Gaja und John Dugard, plädierte das Kölner Team als Beklagte gegen das Klägerteam von der Demokrit-Universität Thrakien (Griechenland) und konnte den Wettbewerb am Ende für sich entscheiden. Das Kölner Team wurde darüber hinaus für den besten Beklagtenschriftsatz mit dem Carnegie Preis ausgezeichnet und insbesondere von Judge Crawford für den herausragenden Schriftsatz gelobt.

Wir gratulieren dem Team herzlich zu seinem Sieg!

Telders Moot Court Team 2018

Our curent Telders Moot Court Team for the 2018 competition, from left to right: Antonia Kratz, Frederic Kupsch, Lisa Schöttmer, France Oly

Antonia Kratz (20) was born in Wermelskirchen and graduated from the Städtisches Gymnasium Wermelskirchen in 2014. She currently studies law at the University of Cologne in her 7th semester. Due to her strong interest in international law, she focused on International and European Law as her specialisation. In addition to her general studies, she also completed the CUSL-Program on US-American law which allowed her to gain knowledge of a foreign legal system. Apart from studying law, Antonia works as a student assistant at a law firm in Cologne. Antonia sees the Telders Moot Court as a unique opportunity to work in a team towards a common goal. As a participant, she looks forward to improving her rhetorical skills in English and broadening her knowledge of international law as this is a subject she wants to focus on in her future career.

Frederic Kupsch (22) studies law at the University of Cologne and is in his 6th semester. He was born in Cologne and graduated from Heinrich-Heine-Gymnasium, Cologne in 2014. One year later he received a scholarship from the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes. He developed his interest in International Law during his studies at Vilnius University, Lithuania in 2017. In Vilnius, Frederic focused mainly on International Law and in particular on International Humanitarian Law. Moreover, he attended courses dealing with the legal framework of NGOs and Human Rights in Europe. Following journeys to Russia, Belarus and the Baltic States, his preference for Eastern European policy and culture was strengthened. Alongside his studies, he was project manager at Talented e.V., a music competition in schools. Currently, he organises children's summer holiday camps with the Protestant church. Frederic sees his participation in the Telders Moot Court as an opportunity to use his knowledge in International Law in practice. Furthermore, he wants to improve his debating skills in English.

Lisa Schöttmer (21) studies law at the University of Cologne and is in her 5th semester. She was born and raised in Gechingen, a small town at the edge of the Black Forest in Baden-Württemberg, and graduated from the Maria von Linden-Gymnasium in 2015. During a high school year abroad in Santa Rosa, California, she participated in several Model United Nations Competitions with her school, where she developed her strong interest in international relations. The lecture on European and International Law during her law studies then further sparked that interest By participating in the Telders Moot Court, Lisa recognises the great challenge and experience to work in a team and develop her rhetorical skills and aspires to extend her knowledge in Public International Law as she plans to focus on international law as her specialisation.

France Oly is nearing completion of a bachelor in legal linguistics with a focus on the European Union at the University of Cologne and is treating herself to some Moot Court fun before changing over to a law studies program. What led her to this decision was her passion for rhetorics (this is where growing up in a multilingual environment comes in handy) and her zest for (public) international law, an interest that probably stems from her inherent curiosity in how States interact on a global level. It is this global level, that calling multiple European countries "home" and getting to know different (transpacific) cultures through travelling light, which perceptively shifted her perspective. And it is on this global level that she believes actual and legal inequalities and environmental challenges can be solved. As the oldest of four siblings, France early on developed a strong sense of justice and notion of ensuring everyone gets their fair share. It was this fundamental impulse that pushed her to engage in various local action committees, such as her High School's Fairtrade committee or the local Amnesty International group, as well as in politics and most recently, to sign up for studying law. She is pursuing her penchant for foreign legal cultures by taking part in the CUSL program. France recognises the Telders Moot court as a unique opportunity to improve her oral skills and meet like-minded students from all over Europe. Most of all, she's looking forward to working closely and with dedication with her team members on a precise issue in public international law as she's convinced that individual commitment to a group effort is what makes a project work.

Our curent Moot Court Team with their Coach, Laura Hughes-Gerber