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Current Team

Telders Moot Court Team 2022

Carolin Kopp (22) was born and raised in Westerburg, where she graduated from Konrad-Adenauer Gymnasium in 2018. She is currently studying law in her 7th semester at the University of Cologne.

Ever since her social studies at school, she discovered a keen interest in International Law and international relations. This interest combined with various stays abroad, including the USA and Australia, and her enthusiasm for languages, led her to enrich her study experience by participating in the Proteus Moot Court 2020. The project intensely dealt with European Law, the practice of the European Council and the values of the EU. In addition, Carolin recently completed the CUSL program, which focuses on the American legal system.

After gaining an insight into the legal profession through her work at a major law firm in Cologne, she recently joined the Institute of Air Law, Space Law and Cyber Law at the University of Cologne as a student assistant.

Carolin views the Telders Moot Court as a great opportunity to finish her major studies in International and European Law and to improve her rhetorical skills. She is looking forward to this shared experience with her team, before she will start to prepare for her first state exam.

Sven David Dümpelmann (21) was born in Bensberg and graduated from the Alexander-von-Humboldt-Gymnasium Cologne in 2017. Currently, he studies law in his 7th semester.

During his foundational studies, his fascination for Public International Law was sparked, particularly by the lecture on German Constitutional Law and its relations to Public International Law and European Union Law. For Sven, the importance of this branch of law cannot be overstated, especially regarding the increasingly complex international relations and grown perception of common global interests - be it peace, a clean environment, or economic development.

To deepen his knowledge in the field and gain more international experience, he decided to spend two ERASMUS+ exchange semesters at the University of Tartu, Estonia. There, he got a more profound overview of the field’s various facets, attending lectures such as "History and Theory of International Law", "International Criminal Law" and "International Arbitration". 

When continuing his study at the University of Cologne, he chose Public International Law and European Union Law as his area of specialisation. Following up, he completed his seminar in his specialisation studies and temporarily returned to Estonia for an internship at the Tartu German Culture Institute (DKI Tartu).

Sven believes that participating in the Moot Court is a great opportunity to sharpen his rhetorical skills and put his knowledge to the practical test. He looks forward to working with his team members, as well as getting acquainted and competing with other students from all over Europe. 

Marta Kupfer (19) was born in Mönchengladbach and graduated from Hugo-Junkers-Gymnasium in 2020. She began studying law at the University of Cologne in the same year and is currently in her third semester.

Through her work at the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne, she discovered her passion in defending the interests of others. Marta participates in the CUSL- and in the Environmental Law Certificate-program in order to improve her legal English and to develop her knowledge of different legal systems.

For her, the Telders Moot Court offers a unique opportunity to devote herself intensively to a specific legal issue and to gain a more profound knowledge in the field of Public International Law. Furthermore, she is ambitious about improving her rhetorical skills. Marta particularly enjoys working as part of a team over a long period of time and believes that sharing different ideas and opinions is the best way to achieve excellent results.

Marta is looking forward to the challenges ahead!

Kathrin Rau (22) was born and raised in Düren where she graduated from the Stiftisches Gymnasium Düren in 2018. Her interest to get a profound understanding of our society´s rules as well as daily political decisions and processes led her to study law at the University of Cologne. Currently, she is in her 7th semester.

Since her school time, Kathrin has spent various stays abroad, including scholar exchanges to France and the US, a regional development program in China and Erasmus+ studies in Paris last semester. These foreign experiences have sparked her interest for international relations and International Law, which is why she has now started her specialisation in International and European Law. Furthermore, she participates in an extracurricular project, called Chin-KoBe, in order to acquire expertise about the People’s Republic of China.

Through her participation in the debating competition “Jugend debattiert” and in various political simulations - including the simulation of a summit of the European Council as part of the Proteus-project - she was already able to train her rhetorical skills and to learn how to obtain and defend the interests of a certain party in a persuasive manner.

Further, Kathrin has made several internships at law firms, the Cologne District Court and the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research in the Department for European Relations. This allowed her to gain additional practical insights into her fields of interest and to learn about important skills needed in practice. Besides her studies, Kathrin worked as a student assistant at the Chair for Constitutional and Administrative Law and will now proceed working for a depute of the German Bundestag.

For Kathrin, the Telders Moot Court competition is great chance to deepen her knowledge in International Law, train useful soft skills and get to know interesting people from all over Europe.