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Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court Team 2022

Katharina Prall (26) was born in Cologne and grew up in Bad Münstereifel, where she graduated from St. Michael-Gymnasium in 2014.

She has been studying Law at the University of Cologne since 2015 and soon discovered her interest for International Law, which led her to complete her specialization in Public International Law and European Law. During her specialized studies, she participated in the lecture on Space Law, which instantly fascinated her.

Following this new found passion, Katharina began to work as a research fellow in a law firm in Cologne, which provides legal advice and legal project management services to complex high-technology and infrastructure projects and is specialized inter alia in Air and Space Law.

Before finishing her studies, Katharina wanted to take the opportunity of participating in the Manfred Lachs Moot Court competition to further deepen her knowledge of Public International Law and Space Law, and to train important soft skills.

Katharina is looking forward to working with her team, meeting other students from all over Europe and to finally plead in front of an international panel of judges, all experts in space law.

Sebastian Schlingmann (22) was born and raised in Werther Westf., where he graduated from the Ev. Gymnasium Werther in 2018. After his graduation several legal internships fostered his interest in law and the legal system. He is currently studying law in his 7th semester.

Ever since studying abroad in Canada, Sebastian´s fascination for international relations has been growing. Through various lectures in his foundational and major studies he was able to enhance his knowledge of Public International Law.

After contributing to research work at the Institute for Insurance Law, he started to work as a student assistant at a major law firm in Cologne. There, he discovered his passion for becoming acquainted with a specific legal issue and finding the ideal solution. Corresponding to that passion, he was able to gain further practical experiences through his work at the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne.

For Sebastian, the Manfred Lachs Moot Court Competition is a unique opportunity to deepen his knowledge of international law and space law as well as to sharpen his rhetorical skills. He is looking forward to meeting with  and competing against other students from all over the world.

Marie-Claire de Bruijn (23) was born and raised in Trier, where she graduated from a business administration school in 2019. She is currently studying law in her 5th semester at the University of Cologne.

Long before her current studies, it was already her goal to gain knowledge about law as well as research the science of outer space and related topics. Her enthusiasm was further fostered through her work as a student assistant in the legal department of the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), an internship in a legal firm with a focus on space law, and her volunteer work in the World Space Week Association (WSWA). In addition, Marie-Claire participates in the CUSL program in order to improve her legal English and to develop her knowledge of different legal systems.

During her work, Marie-Claire received multiple insights into technology applications within the space sector, which encouraged her to apply her practical knowledge to projects, including her contribution to a legal publication and presentations for ESA meetings. For Marie-Claire, this entanglement of law and practical applications, sparked a deep fascination for space law. 

Marie-Claire views the Manfred Lachs Space Law Moot Court competition as a great opportunity to specialize in space law, gain personal experience and bolster her rhetorical and legal writing abilities before preparing for her major studies. Marie-Claire is very eager to encounter people with the same passion as her.