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Leiden-Sarin Moot Court Team 2020

Das aktuelle Leiden-Sarin Moot Court Team 2020

v.l.n.r. Fortios Zarotis, Ben Riedel, Luke Thomas

Fotios Zarotis was born in Cologne and successfully completed a bilingual school education with classes taught in English as well as German in 2017.

He currently studies law at the University of Cologne in his third year and has successfully completed his basic studies. In an internship at a lawyer´s office Mr. Zarotis had the opportunity to experience the application of legal provisions from several areas of law in practice as well as to witness the work of a lawyer.

In his opinion, the Sarin-Leiden Moot Court presents a great opportunity to compete with and learn from students from other countries and broaden his horizon by deepening his knowledge on international law and aviation law.

Ben Riedel grew up in Bad Krozingen, a small town near Freiburg. There, he visited a school until the 10th class before changing to a sports boarding school in Essen in 2010. He finished high school and graduated later in 2013.

Following that, he participated in a one-year volunteering programme in southern India with Service Civil International (SCI) an organization in which he is still a current member of the board. The year in India turned out to be his first encounter to international cooperation. The decision to study law with public international law as a focus subject was highly influenced by the experiences made during the year.

In the summer of 2019, after having finished the state’s examinations, Ben Riedel made the decision to engage in the Sarin moot court, as this would be a great opportunity to have practical experience concerning public international law.  Furthermore, this participation would not only improve English language skills but also his rhetorical abilities in a foreign language. Since aviation law had not yet been a field that was tackled during his studies, Ben Riedel also hopes to gain the ability to easily engage in any legal issues encountered for the first time.

Luke Thomas was born in Düsseldorf and graduated from the Gymnasium Essen Werden in 2016.

He moved to Cologne for his studies where he is currently in his 6th semester of law at the University of Cologne. He spent two semesters studying abroad at the University College London, where he got a first insight into public international law and a foreign legal system.

Following his experience, he wants to acquire a deeper understanding of this field of law and obtain experience in practicing public international law. As a participant of the Leiden-Sarin Moot Court, he hopes to improve his rhetorical abilities in English. Additionally, he wishes to gain knowledge about Aviation Law. Luke is looking forward to achieve these goals by working in a team with people who are sharing these interests with him.


Das Team mit ihrem Coach Andrea Trimarchi