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Leiden-Sarin Moot Court Team 2019

Das aktuelle Leiden-Sarin Moot Court Team 2019

v.l.n.r. Kerem Öntas, Leona Coloma Rebolledo, Lenart Osten

Kerem Öntas (21) was born in Aachen and graduated bilingually from the Couven-Gymnasium, in which the courses of geography, history and politics were entirely taught in English, in 2015. Since 2016, he studies law at the University of Cologne. Currently, he is enrolled in his sixth semester.

In his free time, Kerem volunteers for the German Red Cross by assisting senior citizens. In addition, he participates in the Refugee Law Clinic Cologne, a programme which provides legal support for migrants.

Kerem applied for the Sarin-Leiden Moot Court because of his interest in public international law and his enthusiasm to dwell upon the field of air law, which is barely dealt with during regular studies. Through the moot court experience, Kerem wants to expand his legal vocabulary and further strengthen his team-work skills.

Leona Coloma Rebolledo (23) was born in Wiesbaden and graduated from Internatsschule Schloss Hansenberg in 2013. She then moved to Cologne where she is currently studying law in her 9th semester at the University of Cologne. In 2016, she spent a semester abroad at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. During this time, she not only improved her Spanish skills, but was also able to gain knowledge of foreign legal systems. Leona already finished her state examination and is currently specializing in public international law and European law. By participating in the Sarin Moot Court, she hopes to deepen her knowledge of public international law and to gain an insight into Aviation Law, a field of law, which is given little attention in the course of regular studies. Furthermore, Leona is convinced that the Moot Court is a great opportunity to improve her English skills in terms of legal writing and speaking. She is looking forward to working in a team and to meeting new challenges together.

Lennart Osten (21) is currently in his 5th semester of studying law at the University of Cologne. He was born in Bergisch Gladbach, where he graduated from the Dietrich-Bonhoeffer Gymnasium in 2015. In 10th grade, he attended a boarding school in Boca Raton in the United States. After graduating, he spent half a year of social service (BFD) in a retirement home. As a participant of the Leiden-Sarin Moot Court, Lennart hopes to gain insights into the practical application of law beyond the academic setting and improve his rhetorical abilities. He looks forward to intense work with his team and to diving deeper into the field of public international law.

Das Team mit ihrem Coach Andrea Trimarchi

Current Team

Our current Team for the Leiden-Sarin Moot Court Competition 2018, from left to right: Christian Goldkuhle, Emilia Klix, Jonas Klein

Personal Introduction

Christian Goldkuhle (22) was born in Essen, where he graduated from the Goethe-Gymnasium. During the 10th grade, he went to a British Boarding School. After spending half a year of social service (FSJ), he started studying law at the University of Cologne. Currently he is in his sixth semester. Besides the studies, Christian volunteers at the student law clinic Studentische Rechtshilfe für Senioren (SRSK) Köln. Christian sees his participation in the Sarin Moot Court as a unique opportunity to go beyond the theoretical studies of ordinary German law studies and to increase his confidence, independence and rhetorical skills. The Moot Court enables him to extend his understanding of law from an international perspective. Furthermore, it will be a chance to improve his language skills regarding law-related terminology. As his previous courses predominately entail independent work, he appreciates the opportunity to engage in a groups. Finally, air law specifically aroused his interest and he is looking forward to participating in such a pertinent field of law.

Emilia Klix (21) was born in Neustadt (Aisch) and graduated from the Laurentius-Gymnasium Neuendettelsau in 2015. After that, she moved to Cologne where she currently studies law at the University of Cologne and is in her 5th semester. Due to her great interest in intercultural exchange, she participated in various international youth exchanges and simulations, such as Policy & International Security and Model United Nations during her time in school. Essential parts of these projects were discussing and dealing with international issues and topics with the goal of finding innovative solutions. These experiences encouraged her to study law. At University, Emilia pursues her curiosity by taking part in the CUSL-Program on U.S. American Law and most importantly the Leiden-Sarin Air Law Moot Court. Emilia aspires to broaden her knowledge in Air Law as it is an exceptional and interesting area of law. She is looking forward to intense team work and the opportunity to improve her rhetorical skills.

Jonas Klein (23) studies law at the University of Cologne and is enrolled in the state-certified examination programme in his 6th semester. He was born in Lahnstein where he graduated from the Johannes-Gymnasium in 2014. During his school days he has participated in a High School programme in Palmerston North, New Zealand at Freyberg High School and has been involved in a student exchange programme with the Fremdsprachengymnasium Plovdiv, Bulgaria. In doing so, he became a curious student, who is interested in working with people of diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. In addition to his studies, Jonas volunteers for the student law clinic -Studentische Rechtshilfe für Senioren (SRSK) Köln. There he acquires first-hand experience in legal consultation. As a participant of the Sarin International Air Law Moot Competition he strives to expand his theoretical knowledge in public international law. Furthermore, he endeavours to improve his rhetorical skills in the English language. Jonas is looking forward to the tasks and challenges ahead and the intense cooperation with his team members.

Photo of the Leiden-Sarin Moot Court Team with their coach Ben Scott on the right hand side.