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Current Team

Telders Moot Court Team 2020

Das aktuelle Telders Moot Court Team 2020

v.l.n.r. Marius Kampf, Annika Owczarek, Luca Neeff und Julian Schophaus

Marius Kampf (20) was born in Mannheim and graduated from the Albertus-Magnus-Gymnasium, Bensberg in 2017, where he had attended an English bilingual class. He currently studies law at the University of Cologne in his 5th semester. Already during his school time Marius discovered his interest for law, which is why he decided to study the subject in 2017.

Besides his studies Marius works as a student assistant in a notary's office. In addition, as a multiple “Jugend Musiziert” prizewinner, he is musically active in many ways, inter alia as a member of the Landes-Jugendzupforchester NRW.

Being half Bulgarian, Marius has always been very fascinated by cultural exchange with other countries. The lecture on constitutional law with references to International and European law further aroused his interest in this field.

Through the Telders International Law Moot Court he aspires to expand his knowledge in the field of International Law, as well as to acquire important rhetorical skills.

Annika Owczarek (20) was born and raised in Mönchengladbach where she graduated from the Gymnasium Odenkirchen in 2018.

Her interest in law became apparent early on, so that she was able to gain initial experience in social law, family law, criminal law and traffic law already during her school time through numerous internships in various law firms in Mönchengladbach.

Since she was really impressed by the practical insights, Annika decided to participate in the project "Schülerinnen und Schüler an der Universität” about two years before her Abitur. Within the framework of this project she started a three-semester course of law studies at the University of Cologne parallel to her school education and attended lectures in Criminal Law, Constitutional Law and Roman Legal History. Since Annika successfully passed the respective final exams, she was able to partly complete her law studies, even before officially becoming a law student at the University of Cologne in the winter semester 2018/19.

In addition to her general studies, she participates in the CUSL program on US American Law aspiring to broaden her horizon by obtaining new perspectives on various legal systems.  

Annika sees the Telders Moot Court as an excellent opportunity to further develop her rhetorical skills and to deepen her knowledge of International Law. She is looking forward to taking up the challenge together with her team!

Luca Neeff (20) was born in Schwelm, a town in the Ruhr area.

Different languages and countries have always excited her. Therefore she decided to continue her secondary school education in French speaking classes and obtained her french-german bilingual Abitur in 2017.

After graduating from school she decided to travel and especially the trips to New York and South Africa were very impressive to her. She then completed a three-month internship at the human resources department of the Bayer AG where she had the opportunity to work together with lawyers. This work experience contributed significantly to her decision to study law.

Since Luca intended to integrate her multilingualism into her law studies she took legal lectures in English and French, and began to passionately enjoy the courses. As a result, she realized that she definitely aspires to deal with International Law later on.

For Luca the Moot Court provides a wonderful opportunity to improve soft skills in presenting legal arguments and to gain in-depth knowledge in the field of International Law.

Julian Schophaus (20) was born in Stadthagen and graduated from the Humboldt-Gymnasium Solingen in 2017. He began studying law at the University of Cologne in the same year, completed his intermediate examination in 2019 and is now in his 5th semester.

During his time in school he participated in two student exchanges, which led him to France and the US. This experience fostered his affection regarding international relations which transferred into his high interest for European and International Law during his studies.

Besides German, English and French he also speaks Spanish and is looking forward to work with foreign languages again during the Telders Moot Court.    

His interest in Moot Courts was awakened by his participation at a German Civil Law Moot Court (BGB Moot Court) during his 2nd semester. Since then, he was looking to further strengthen his argumentative skills and participated in the PROTEUS-Program and the associated Moot Court, where he was intensely engaged in European law and the values of the EU.

He was also able to gain some experience with real civil suits during his internship at a big law firm in Cologne. In his free time, he participates in the activities of his local boxing club. 

Julian is looking forward to intensively working with his team on a case in International Law and to competing with a variety of law students from all over Europe.

Das Team mit dem Coach Jonathan Badstieber