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Moot Courts

Moot Courts are competitions for the purpose of legal education. They simulate fictional court proceedings and thereby allow the practical application of knowledge gained during university studies.

A moot court is separated into two stages: one written memorials stage and one oral pleadings stage. During the written memorials stage, participants prepare legal memorials for the applicant and the respondent side on the basis of a fictional le-gal case. The oral pleadings stage of the competition comprises of pleading the case in front of judges during simulated trial rounds against other teams of students from various universities.

Thus a moot court provides an enjoyable interactive learning method during which students gain fundamental knowledge in the respective field of law, strengthen their team work and public speaking skills in English. During the course of the competition, the participants meet fellow students from other countries and universities and get in touch with practitioners from all over Europe. The particular highlight of a moot court is its respective final round some of which take place at a different location in Europe each year.

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In particular we would like to thank our current Co-Operation Partners for their support to the Moot Courts in 2019:

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